Conference ProfsoUX 2020 in St. Petersburg

Press Center
02 March 2020

On February 29, 2020, the ProfsoUX 2020 Conference was held in St. Petersburg. Raila Hafizova, Product Manager at «I-Novus», shared her feedback on participation in the conference:

«At the conference there were reports on approaches to preparing and conducting UX research, designing interfaces, selecting and improving the competencies of designers and UX designers, and many other fascinating topics.

The conference was organized at the highest level from the registration of participants to the closing of the conference and was held in a very friendly and informal atmosphere, with informative and inspiring reports and master classes.

I particularly liked the following reports:
- Anton Dukanich «Competence matrix for the design team». A report on the experience of forming a competence matrix in order to measure and understand which competencies of the team to pump, which to abandon, or who needs to be hired to close the drawdown in competencies.
- Pavel Burtsev report and master class «Analytics for designers». Report on the use of analytics data in solving interface tasks.
- Reports on the experience and approaches of conducting UX research: Boris Yushenkov «Urbanism and UX», Ellie Ponomareva «How to prepare and conduct a UX study of a complex audience», Dmitry Brazhenko «Conducting remote UX tests based on Yandex.Toloka».

From the conference I received only positive emotions and inspiration for future achievements!»