Everything about creation of the «Archive of Medical Documents» system and plans for its development. Interview with P.V. Polkanov, the commercial director of «I-Novus» Сompany

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09 October 2017

All medical organizations in Russia will have to switch to electronic medical records by 2025. This follows from the draft program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation». The goal of «I-Novus», which developed the «Archive of Medical Documents», is to help medical institutions to fully automate their processes in order to be ready by the Z-hour.

Pavel Polkanov, the commercial director of «I-Novus» Developer Company, answered all the questions of @medicalksu about creation of the «Archive of Medical Documents» system and plans for its development. Pavel's nick on Telegram is @polkanov_pavel. Ask questions!

Medical Ksu: How did it all start? Where does the idea come from?

Pavel Polkanov: Our team has been developing information systems for more than 10 years, and throughout almost all this time our products have been associated with medicine and healthcare.

Active discussion of the law on telemedicine in late 2016 and early 2017 (now it is an already signed 242-FZ) prompted us to make a system, which you could definitely provide for refusing paper documents in treating a patient.

Even before the start of development, we knew that the archive should have functions for all stages of a document's «life» - from occurrence of an appointment at a clinic up to checking of a medical record by inspection bodies.

The main feature of the Archive of medical documents is the ability to work with a «cloud enhanced qualified electronic signature. It does not need physical media, a doctor confirms his identity by entering a password, and the document is signed in the cloud. However, if someone likes flash drives, AMD can work with them.

MK: Who is the founder of the service? How many people are in a team?

Pavel: The idea of creating the Archive of medical documents was generated by Maxim Valov, our General Director. We allocated 5 people out of 110 employees of the company, who turned a promising idea into a turnkey solution.

Now there are plans to expand the team, we are actively looking for people for different directions of work.

MK: Where did you get the first investment for starting the project?

Pavel: The project within the company goes under the «Invest» code word. It is not difficult to guess that by this code word hides internal funds of the company.

We see the market and really believe that Russia will move from paper to digital interaction anyway. We ourselves are suffering from endless paperwork.

This is evidenced by both the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 28.07.2017 N 1632-p approving the program «Digital Economy of the Russian Federation» and the 242-FZ, which allowed keeping medical records in the form of electronic documents.

MK: How is the service evolving now?

Pavel: As soon as the Archive of Medical Documents acquired its basic functions, we launched a pilot project in the Republic of Tatarstan.

At the moment, AMD is integrated with the medical information system at the Republican Pediatric Clinical Hospital RT.

Doctors are already using electronic documents, they tell us which functions are convenient, which are not, what else they would like to see. We accumulate this information and add it to the work plans.

MK: What is planned for the future?

Pavel: The archive of medical documents «out of the box» is ready for integration into customer's infrastructure (integration with a Regional HIS or HIS level of a medical organization).

It can also be used for telemedicine services, as a repository of documents (examination protocols, conclusions, prescriptions) when providing telemedicine consultations.

We are planning to continue developing integration services (currently, only REST is implemented), so that it is convenient to integrate with different vendors, and later - add basic functions of electronic document management to the archive.

MC: What would you do if you got a million dollars today for development of the project?

Pavel: No later than tomorrow, we would expand the development team and make, based on the archive, our own document management system, which will finally take into account the peculiarities of Russian healthcare.

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