The company «I-Novus» presented an solution «A Integration Adapter for system an Interagency Electronic Interaction System»

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21 December 2018


To facilitate and accelerate the processes of integration with SIEI 3 on the side of the participants of interdepartmental cooperation, the company «I-Novus» presented the integration solution «A Integration Adapter for system an Interagency Electronic Interaction System».

The system of interdepartmental electronic interaction (SIEI) allows federal, regional and local authorities, credit organizations (banks), extrabudgetary funds, and other participants of SIEI to exchange data in electronic form for the provision of state and municipal services to citizens and organizations.

«Adapter SIEI 3» automates the processes of receiving, collecting, processing and sending messages between SMEV and the Information System of the Supplier or the Consumer information.



  • Interview SIEI 3 for the presence of incoming messages to your system.
  • Receipt of messages from SIEI 3 with verification of the certificate of an electronic signature.
  • Temporary storage of messages until they are received by your system through SOAP / REST services.
  • Ensuring the transfer of file attachments, which are an integral part of messages. Journaling of informational exchange of messages between participants of interaction.
  • Signing outgoing messages from your system by electronic signature.


The solution is intended for:

  • Information system developers. Federal executive authorities.
  • State extrabudgetary funds.
  • Executive bodies of state power of the subjects of the Russian Federation.
  • Local government. State and municipal institutions, multifunctional centers.
  • Other bodies and organizations involved in the provision of state and municipal services, documents (information) placed in state information systems and other information systems, and the execution of state and municipal functions in electronic form.

«Adapter SIEI 3» ill allow you to quickly and cost-effectively solve the problems of integrating your information systems with system an Interagency Electronic Interaction System. 


More information can be found on the website:​​​​​​​