An integrated professional team is our competitive advantage. We are ambitious, responsible and initiative. We are open to new ideas and are not afraid to use non-standard solutions to achieve our goals. We work for result and know how to achieve it.


There are excellent opportunities for students and graduates that allow gaining practical experience in the course of work, forming a clear and objective vision of the future specialty. For professionals, we offer tools for building a successful career, a system of training and development, corporate programs, a possibility of internal transfer and promotion.


We ensure development of the Company’s intellectual potential; promote professional growth of our employees. We organize training for company employees at trainings, specialized courses and seminars. We participate in specialized conferences, conduct internal meet-ups to exchange experience, and also learn English with an experienced guest teacher.


A comfortable workplace in a modern business center with free parking spaces. Spacious office, modern equipment for solving work tasks, lounges, well-maintained dining room, delicious coffee, aromatic tea, cookies, and fruit on «vitamin days». All this, combined with a comfortable working day schedule, forms the ideal environment for productive work.


Our team supports healthy lifestyle! To maintain the spirit of sportsmanship we rent sports fields for team games. The company enables its employees to attend training sessions in football, volleyball and stretching.


We have a close-knit and friendly team, we give presents to employees on their birthdays, on significant events in their lives, congratulate them on all professional holidays, and also organize fun corporate parties for our employees and their children.

Клуб выпускников

Бывший сотрудник? Для нас нет такого понятия. 

Именно поэтому в Ай-Новус функционирует Клуб выпускников, созданный для поддержания связей и контактов даже после ухода из Компании.

Оставайтесь в команде Ай-Новус!


I-NOVUS is an opportunity to make a step forward for experienced specialists and a great start for those who are in the very beginning of their careers!

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Corporate life
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31 October 2020

30 октября команда Ай-Новус отметила Хэллоуин. Чтобы погрузится в атмосферу этого жуткого праздника посмотрели по-настоящему страшное кино. И конечно, не обошлось без традиционных пугающих угощений.

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28 August 2020
День рождения компании

Наш летний корпоратив в честь дня рождения компании мы провели в формате музыкального фестиваля и назвали его I-Novus Festival, или сокращенно, #INFEST.

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10 July 2020

Сотрудники Ай-Новус  погрузились в реалии Counter-Strike — надели костюмы, вооружились и вступили в бой на полигоне cs_mansion в лучшем пейнтбольном клубе Казани.

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08 July 2020
День семьи, любви и верности

По случаю праздника мы организовали семейную встречу для сотрудников Ай-Новус на территории комплекса Туган авылым, где желающие смогли принять участие в различных мастер-классах.

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01 June 2020
1 июня - день защиты детей

1 июня дети наших сотрудников поучаствовали в оформлении нашего офиса — расписали цветными мелками стены цокольного этажа.

image image image
23 February 2020
23 февраля

В качестве поздравления женская половина Ай-Новус подготовила мужчинам сюрприз - Фестиваль корокометражных фильмов. Ролики можно посмотреть в Инстаграм (IGTV), а также на нашем канале в Youtube.

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27 December 2019
Новый год 2020

Ярко, драйвово и динамично мы отметили наступление Нового года: отрывались под рок-музыку кавер-бенда, фотографировались на байке, поиграли в виртуальные игры и даже устроили караоке-баттл.  

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29 August 2019
"Ай-Новусу" 5 лет!

Спасибо нашей дружной команде за эти 5 лет - много целей достигнуто и много задач поставлено! 
В честь праздника была организована ковбойская вечеринка, на которой было многое: конкурсы, игры, мастер-классы, фуршет, чествование "долгожителей" компании, танцы и выступление кавер-группы.

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08 June 2019
Hero Race 2019

The Race of Heroes is your victory over yourself, your fears and possibilities! 8 km of water tests, mud, rukohody and crossing, ditches and fields with barbed wire, a worthy reward and a sense of pride at the finish - and this is only part of an unforgettable adventure.

image image image
03 May 2019
Kazan Marathon - 2019

Last weekend, «I-Novus» employees once again demonstrated their strength, speed, endurance, and proved that team spirit and solidarity help us achieve any victories! Thank you all for your participation and worthy results!

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05 April 2019
International Java Conference — «JPoint 2019»

«JPoint» is an international Java conference for experienced Java developers. This year Valeriya Platonova, I-Novus software engineer, took part in the Java conference. The main points of the JPoint are: performance, concurrency, testing, distributed systems and high loads in the Java world, as well as the future of the platform.


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08 March 2019
March 8

We share pleasant memories from the celebration of the spring holiday - March 8. The men of «I-Novus» again surprised us with bright congratulations: the program of the day included master classes in drawing and incendiary dances, original tasting, treats and a nice photo session.

image image image
14 February 2019
Day of compliments in «I-Novus»!

Day of compliments in «I-Novus» is an additional opportunity to say good words to colleagues and thank you for your joint work. Today, the atmosphere of love and attention is in our office all day in our office! Colleagues signed valentines, exchanged compliments and good wishes, were treated to macaroons.

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30 December 2018
New Year 2019 Corporate

A corporate festive evening in «I-Novus» was held in the style of «Las Vegas». The event began with a useful production meeting, and after it we had a fascinating evening: employees could take part in an intellectual battle, have fun playing bowling and go karting.

image image image
28 December 2018
Children's New Year's holiday!

Children's New Year's holiday in the art studio «Besedka». On the eve of the New Year, the kids of our employees took part in three fascinating master classes: culinary, creative and compositions.


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12 December 2018
Bring a friend!

We are in search of talented professionals!
1. Select a job. 2. Recommend a friend by sending his resume to with the subject of the letter: “Candidate for the Company”. 3. After registration and successful completion of the probation period, you will receive a monetary reward, the amount of which varies from 15 to 50 thousand rubles.


image image image
11 December 2018

Tuesday evening, the staff of «I-Novus» had fun,
active and with health benefits!

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31 October 2018
Halloween in I-Novus!

Contests, games, surprises, food and gifts - the atmosphere of hellish fun with friends and colleagues!

image image image
24 September 2018
Professional holidays!

And here is the way we congratulate our dear colleagues on their professional holidays.

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02 September 2018
A trip to the Ancient city of Bulgars

«I-Novus» employees made a fascinating journey on a comfortable guided bus to the Ancient City of Bulgars!


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19 August 2018
«I-Novus» Birthday! We are 4 years old!

In honor of the «I-Novus» company birthday, we organized a bright summer celebration in open air! We received a charge of vigor and energy in team competitions, tested their abilities in an intellectual game, got gastronomic pleasure from a festive buffet and completed the event with dances to the stormy performance of a cover band.

image image image
11 August 2018
«Race of Heroes - 2018»

Knee-deep in mud and up to their ears in delight! The «I-Novus» team demonstrated wonders of team spirit and willpower in the extreme «Race of Heroes». «Platoon024» are real heroes who overcame obstacles, fought all fears and tested their strength! And also received a loading dose of adrenaline and good mood!

image image image
31 July 2018
Corporate Beach Volleyball

Summer sun, sand, thrill of the competition and a sea of positive emotions.
On July 31, corporate beach volleyball was held at «I-Novus».

image image image
16 July 2018
The race «Night Kazan - 2018»

The «I-Novus» team took part in the most wowable and spectacular start of the TIMERMAN running series - the Night Kazan race. The guys got a huge charge of energy, a lot of impressions and drive from sports victories, not only in terms results, but also from challenging themselves!

image image image
12 June 2018
Day of family, love and Fidelity!

Family is the most significant thing in a person's life! Specially for the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity, a family photo-day was organized for the employees of «I-Novus»!

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28 May 2018
Professional conferences May 28-29, Moscow, Skolkovo

«I-Novus» employees took part in two conferences: RootConf 2018 - a conference on support and maintenance of IT projects, FrontendConf 2018 - a conference for front-end developers. Both were enlightening and informative. The guys have acquired a new array of knowledge, contacts and cool mood!

image image image
26 May 2018
A trip to Kazan shelter for homeless animals

As part of the charity projects «CharityNovus» on Saturday, May 26, my colleagues and I visited the Kazan shelter of homeless animals in Stolbishche village. By joint efforts, we managed to collect the necessary things for the shelter and also fodder for animals. Thanks to everyone who did not remain indifferent!

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20 May 2018
Kazan Marathon 2018

Months of training are over and yesterday our corporate team «I-Novus» took part in the Kazan Marathon 2018! At the finish, everyone received their well-deserved medals and letter of gratitude for the Company from the organizers!

image image image
08 March 2018
International Women's Day!

March 8 is over, but the photos from the holiday continue to delight us! Let's remember how it was: throughout the day, the girls were surprised with a device with cotton candy, a saxophonist, gifts and flowers. Moreover, at the end of the festive day there was a grill party!

image image image
21 February 2018
Quarterly competition «The most popular video on the I-Novus channel»

At the end of last year, we summed up the quarterly contest «The Most Popular Video on the Novus Channel», and two departments became the winners at once - the testing department and the analytics department. And as a prize for the guys, we organized outdoor activities.

image image image
29 December 2017
New Year 2018 Corporate

«I-Novus» held a «New Year on the net» - style party. Real shooting of parody videos to popular blogs on the Internet, reviews, cooking blogs and cool life hacks from our talented employees. 

image image image
28 December 2017
Master class «I'm in the kitchen»

A New Year surprise for the children of «I-Novus» employees - a master class in a culinary studio. Under strict guidance of professional chefs, the kids themselves baked pizza and delicious muffins.

image image image
30 October 2017
Happy motorist!

We congratulated the employees of «I-Novus» company on the Motorist day! We wished them smooth roads and green traffic lights!

Employee feedback
Pavel Polkanov
Commercial Director

Work at «I-Novus» is not only the implementation of current projects, it is also realization of your own decisions and ideas. New day brings new interesting tasks and ambitious goals, which are realized with joy and ease together with a team of like-minded professionals.

Work at «I-Novus» is not only the implementation of current projects, it is also realization of your own decisions and ideas. New day brings new interesting tasks and ambitious goals, which are realized with joy and ease together with a team of like-minded professionals.