14th International Forum «MedSoft-2018»

Press Center
13 April 2018

«I-Novus» company took part in a major specialized exhibition in the field of medical ICT - MedSoft-2018 (Moscow, EXPOCENTER, April 10-12, 2018)

Forum Organizer: Association for the Development of Medical Information Technologies (ADMIT)


• Formation of a unified information space in the sphere of development and application of medical information technologies

• Assistance to medical institutions in selection and use of computer systems

• Addressing the issues of information compatibility, standardization and integration of medical computer systems

• Market analysis. Promotion of developments at the market

The participants in the plenary session discussed the new possibilities of medical computer systems (which new solutions appeared during the year; who occupies the leading position; what hampers development of IT in healthcare).

Special attention was paid to use of telemedicine technologies. The plenary session discussed current trends in telemedicine, development, legislative restrictions and barriers.

The panel discussion «The law has been passed. What's next?» sparked an intense discussion. The Federal Law No. 242, adopted in summer, gave a powerful impetus to development of IT for healthcare, but various laws and regulations cannot replace real actions for their implementation. Unfortunately, there is a significant and constantly growing gap between the real needs of Russian healthcare and the capabilities of domestic developers of medical computer systems on the one hand, and the level of digitalization achieved in practice, on the other.