Feedback on the conference «Strike. Innopolis»

Press Center
18 October 2019

The conference was held on the basis of the University of Innopolis. This is a state-of-the-art educational complex specializing in training IT specialists, with many classrooms, laboratories and meeting rooms.

The conference brought together IT specialists from all over the country, and the topics of the reports covered the most popular issues of the modern IT world, from how to build a career in IT, to web development and artificial intelligence.

The DevOps section was of the greatest interest to our team, in which topical development issues, best practices, and recommendations for solving complex issues related to improving the quality of the service provided were raised. In addition, each of our team members found topics suitable specifically for their specialization: databases, security of networks and computer systems, programming and development, monitoring and logging systems.


There were several memorable talks in the DevOps section, such as SRE Theory and Practice from ECommPay IT, which highlighted the important differences between a DevOps Engineer and an SRE Engineer. The report «Rest API server from code to deployment»  was very interesting, which told the interesting experience of Nixys engineers who had come a long way from writing simple scripts to serious service. I especially remembered the report with the catchy title «Ansible is not a bash for you!»